Did you find an error or typo? That means the Gremlin has been at work again. If the typo isn’t on this list, please alert the author at grammargalaxybooks@gmail.com. The following typos may appear in some print editions.



Pg. 35 Missing capitalization and quotation mark: The queen held her head in her hands and then got up abruptly. “Excuse me, please, but I am going to call it a night.

Pg. 64 “I have a feeling that Father’s delay tactic will make it welcome a break” should be “I have a feeling that Father’s delay tactic will make it a welcome break.”

Pg. 81 “What are two words working together called?” should be “What are two phonemes working together called?

Pg. 94 A narrator announced, “Apostrophe Ink.

Mission Manual

Pg. 143 The gr blend is listed twice; should be pl

Pg. 208 Ellen’s name is missing from the letter

Pg. 271 #7 should read “The words is, am, and was are:”



Back cover should read “…they may have a new favorite subject.”

Pg. 13 “The is terrible news!” should be “This is terrible news!”

Pg. 83 should read “Yeah, it’s making it awfully hard to pack for camp without them,” Kirk agreed.

Pg. 127 Illustration should read “Grammar Queen loves cooking pets and decorating”

Mission Manual

Pgs. 111 & 115 Vocabulary words for Mission 11 should be connoisseur, docents, and directives

Pg. 146 Activity. Apostrophes appear to be single open quotes.

Yellow Star


Pg. 62 Creepie should be spelled creepy; the word told should be deleted before explained

Pg. 105 “Do you know what a direct object is?” Kirk asked. (missing)

“If I can’t eat… like the girl, I agree,” Ellen said. (delete). Sentence before should end in Ellen said.

Pg. 37 The poem that is a metaphor in the story is “The Road Not Taken” rather than “Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening”

Mission Manual

Pg. 97 Rewrite in the present tense, not past

Solutions beginning on Mission 28 & following are not behind the Update letter

Sentence in Chapter 25 box should read, “so I will not be allowed.”

Pg. 184 On Guard question 1 (and solution) should read: Compound subjects with and require a _ pronoun.

Pg. 202 Identify the subject and the verb. 1. announcers is also a subject

Pg. 253 The sentence starter for nor should read “The package did not arrive,”

Pg. 289 On Guard #4 should be irregardless not irregular. This is the answer on page 296.

Pg. 377 Answer to 9 is c

Red Star


Pg. 111-114 Title should be Subject vs. Object Pronouns

Pg. 119 Example should be What is it? rather than What day is it?

Mission Manual

Pg. 80 Sentence should read “Then he remembered that he didn’t know whether the hero had escaped the trap the villain had set for him.”

Pg. 219-228 Title should be Subject vs. Object Pronouns

Pg. 234 Sentence should read “What are you two bickering about?” the queen asked.

Pg. 239 Title should be listed as Mission 22, not 21

Pg. 243 Sentence should read “Luke, I don’t want to tell you and have you copy me,” Kirk said resolutely.

Blue Star


Pg. 35 Do you think there will BE controversy?

Pg. 75  jumper / sweater should be swapped

Pg. 111 Later that day, Cook asked him if HE was ready for lunch.

Pg. 112 castle is misspelled

Pg. 126 Books that include new vocabulary words IMPROVE reading skills. (essential)

Pg. 130 He said HE was hopeful that the journalist doing the story would show him in a favorable light.

Pg. 144 I also thought it had to be compelling, (not IT)

Pg. 191 What does soothe mean? CALM

Pg. 194 No. It made him sound like LAZY.

Back matter: students will have the best CHANCE of succeeding

Mission Manual

Pg. 146 jumper / sweater should be swapped

Pg. 160 impertinent is the vocabulary word, not apprised


Mission Manual

Pg. 64 Solution for 4 is c. Solution for 5 is b. (Sentences do not match pg. 58)