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Classroom License FAQs


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For Nebula and Protostar (Volumes 1 and 2), you will purchase a teacher guide and a single copy of the text (Adventures book) and mission manual (workbook). Students should purchase either a print mission manual (which has the solutions and unit challenges) or the digital co-op mission manual. If you want to provide copies of digital materials for all students, contact the author at for pricing. Otherwise, see the co-op materials page for ordering

The teacher guides provide ideas for classroom activities. They also include the solutions and the unit challenges that have been removed from the digital mission manuals. Print mission manuals include the solutions and unit challenges.
Yes. Contact the author at for a discount code.
The co-op version is adaptable to a regular classroom. For Nebula and Protostar, you will purchase a teacher guide and a single copy of the text (Adventures book) and mission manual (workbook). See the co-op/classroom materials page for ordering. If you wish to make copies of any digital materials for students, you will need to purchase a classroom license by contacting the author at
Materials are available in print and PDF. The texts (Adventures books) are also available in MP3 audio for Nebula and Protostar. Links to free, off-site games and worksheets are provided to purchasers for extra practice and review for all lessons. 
Grammar Galaxy is not aligned to a particular set of standards but does teach required language arts concepts across grade levels. Check the scope and sequence for subjects taught in each volume.

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