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These short videos may be used while teaching Step 1 for both the secular and faith-based training manuals. The course is included with purchase of the Training Aliens materials.

Dr. Melanie Wilson was a clinical psychologist working in a Christian practice, a college instructor, a freelance writer, and a public speaker before she felt called to stay home and educate her children. She is a mother of six and homeschooled for 25 years. She considers it her most fulfilling vocation.

Melanie taught children social and emotional skills as a practicing psychologist. When she later began speaking to homeschool parents, she was asked how these skills could be taught at home. However, there was a lack of good resources Melanie could recommend. That’s when she decided to use the same story-based approach for teaching social and emotional skills that she’d used successfully to teach language arts.

When Melanie isn’t busy writing, podcasting, or speaking, she loves playing tennis and pickleball with family and friends.

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