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Operation 1: Common & Proper Nouns

Capitalization Worksheet

Operation 2: Personal & Possessive Pronouns

Personal Pronouns Worksheet

Possessive Pronouns Worksheet

Operation 3: Adjectives

Adjectives Worksheets

Mission 2 answers should be:

1. We are more than happy to help you with your response.

2. A $5 offer is too low for a designer purse.

3. You deserve to make money for your time.

4. Unfortunately, there are buyers who aren’t serious.

5. If you receive a higher offer, then you can feel good about it.

Mission 3 should say 16 errors. There is an additional article error for #6: “A expense.” It should be circled in the solutions.

Operation 4: Transitive & Intransitive Verbs

Transitive or Intransitive Action Verbs Worksheet

Operation 5: Adverbs Modifying Verbs

Regular Adverbs Worksheets

Mission 1 #10 solution should have the word only highlighted.

Operation 6: Prepositions

Prepositions Worksheets

Operation 7: Coordinating Conjunctions

Coordinating Conjunctions Rewriting Worksheet

Operation 8: Emotional Interjections

Interjections Worksheet

Operation 9: Subjects

Adding the Subject Worksheet

Operation 10: Predicates

Complete Predicates Worksheet

Subjects and Predicates Worksheets

Operation 11: Sentences & Fragments

Sentence or Sentence Fragment Worksheet

Operation 12: Compound Subjects and Predicates

Compound Subject Worksheet Part 1 and Part 2

Compound Predicate Worksheet Part 1 and Part 2

Operation 13: Double Negatives

Negatives Worksheet

Operation 14: List, Address & Question Commas

Commas in Lists Worksheet

Commas Used in Direct Address

Commas with Tag Questions

Operation 15: Appositives

Appositives Worksheets

Operation 16: Quotation Marks

Quotation Marks Worksheets

Operation 17: Singular & Plural Nouns

Singular and Plural Nouns Worksheets

Operation 18: Linking Verbs

Linking Verbs Worksheets

Operation 19: Verb Tense

Verb Tenses Worksheets

Operation 20: Irregular Verbs

Irregular Verbs Worksheets

Operation 21: Subject-Verb Agreement

Subject Verb Agreement Worksheets

Operation 22: Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement

Pronouns and Their Antecedents Worksheet

Operation 23: Direct and Indirect Objects

Direct and Indirect Objects Worksheets

Operation 24: Subject vs. Object Pronouns

Subject and Object Pronouns Worksheets

Operation 25: Participles and Infinitives

Participles and Participial Phrases Worksheet

Infinitives Worksheets

Operation 26: Perfect & Progressive Tense

Perfect Tense Worksheet

Progressive Tense Worksheet

Operation 27: Clauses & Phrases

Clauses Worksheets

Noun Phrases Worksheets

Finding Prepositional Phrases Worksheet

Operation 28: Colons & Semicolons

Colon Worksheets

Semicolon Worksheets

Operation 29: Run-on Sentences

Run-on Sentences Worksheets

Operation 30: Misplaced Modifiers

Using Modifiers Worksheet

Operation 31: Parallel Structure

Parallel Structure Worksheets

Operation 32: Concise Writing

Using Concise Language Worksheets