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Nebula 2-Book Set

The following resources are made available to users of Grammar Galaxy: Nebula for beginning readers. Please contact the author at grammargalaxybooks @ if any of these links are broken.

Unit I Literature Resources

Mission 1: The Importance of Reading

Why is Reading Important?
How to Find Books Your Child Will Enjoy

Mission 2: Reading from Context

Context Clues as a Reading Strategy
Homograph Worksheets

Mission 3: Reading Comprehension

How to Increase Your Child’s Reading Comprehension
Reading Comprehension Pinterest Board

Mission 4: Identifying Fiction and Nonfiction

Fiction vs. Nonfiction Worksheets

Fiction vs. Nonfiction Jeopardy

Mission 5: Story Elements

Story Elements Worksheets

Cinderella Story Elements Activity

Mission 6: Tall Tales

Tall tales at
Popular tall tales on Goodreads

Mission 7: Rhyming Words

Rhyming Games
Rhyming Worksheets

Unit II Vocabulary Resources

Mission 8: Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonym and Antonym Game
Synonym and Antonym Worksheets

Mission 9: Vocabulary

Mission 10: Fix the Prefixes

Prefix Fish
Prefix worksheet

Mission 11: Fix the Suffixes

Suffix game
Suffix worksheet

Mission 12: Superlatives

Comparative and superlative game
Comparative and superlative worksheet

Unit III Spelling Resources

Mission 13: Alphabetizing

Alphabetizing Game
Alphabetizing Worksheet

Mission 14: Syllables

Syllables Game
Syllables Worksheets
6-Syllable Words

Mission 15: Phonics

Phonics Game (click “Skip Ads” and then click “Play”)
Phonics Worksheets

Mission 16: Spelling with Phonics

Spelling Games
Spelling Worksheets

Mission 17: Compound Words

Compound Word Games
Compound Word Worksheets

Mission 18: Contractions

Contractions Games
Contractions Worksheets

Mission 19: Abbreviations

Abbreviations Match-up Game
Abbreviations Worksheet

Unit IV Grammar Resources

Mission 20: Nouns

Noun Game
Noun Worksheet

Mission 21: Common and Proper Nouns

Common and Proper Noun game
Common and Proper Noun Worksheet

Mission 22: Singular and Plural Nouns

Singular / Plural Noun Game
Plural Nouns Worksheets

Mission 23: Pronouns

Personal Pronoun Game
Pronoun Worksheets

Mission 24: Articles

Article Game
Articles Worksheets

Mission 25: Adjectives

Adjective Game
Adjective Worksheets

Mission 26: Verbs

Verb Game
Verb Worksheet

Mission 27: Adverbs

Adverb Game
Adverb Worksheet

Mission 28: End Marks

Sentence Game
Sentence Worksheets

Mission 29: Quotation Marks

Quotation Marks Game
Quotations Marks Worksheet
Direct vs. Indirect Quotations with Quiz

Unit V Composition & Speaking

Mission 30: Handwriting

Strategies for Improving Handwriting Speed (for the teacher)
Handwriting Worksheets

Mission 31: Forms

Teaching Children How to Fill Out Forms (with another form for practice)

Mission 32: Thank-You Notes

Printable Thank-You Cards

Mission 33: Directions

Instructions Game for Kids
Instructions Worksheet

Mission 34: Introductions

Let Me Introduce Myself Worksheet

Mission 35: Reading Aloud

Tips for the Teacher on Improving Reading Fluency (Video)

Mission 36: Storytelling

Storytelling example on video

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