Fast Grammar: High School Training (Level 2)



High school grammar that’s fast, easy, fictional fun!

Autocorrect is a failure. That’s why the creators of Grammar Galaxy developed the Fast Grammar program.

After completing both volumes of Fast Grammar training, students will be part of an elite team of autocorrectors. Behind the scenes, without a user’s awareness, they will be correcting mistakes. To serve in this critical role, they will have to master grammar so corrections can be made in real time.

This Level 2 training regimen is for high school students who have learned basic grammar concepts in Level 1 and are ready to learn how to correct trickier errors. To add to the challenge, they’ll be working with two new clients. Students should continue your literature and composition studies while working on Fast Grammar missions.

The four missions per operation are structured as they were in Level 1. They may be completed in one session or on four separate weekdays to reinforce the learning. Completing 1 of the 32 operations or 4 unit tests per week will contribute to an English credit for an academic school year (36 weeks).

Each operation begins with a Fast Facts section. Students will review this section and will write examples or complete the exercises as indicated. Then they’ll be ready to work with clients in simulations to prepare them for real-time autocorrection.

  • In their first mission, students receive a text update from a client. Knowledge of clients’ intentions will allow them to make accurate corrections.
  • In the second mission, they’ll receive a graphic to help them remember the difference between commonly confused words.
  • In the third mission, they’ll be asked to use what they’ve learned up to that point to review the client’s writing. Sometimes the review is structured like a college entrance exam.
  • In the fourth mission, trainees will correspond with the client and practice what they’ve learned.

Fast Grammar is the painless way to improve your student’s grammar and prepare them for the English portion of college entrance exams.

Request a complete sample with solutions to try with your student by clicking below:

Fast Grammar 2 sample