Grammar Galaxy Protostar Classroom Digital Mission Manual


**This is a digital (PDF) file of 280 pages. No books will be shipped. It is designed for use by students in one family enrolled in a classroom only. Choose the Protostar Mission Manual if you are a homeschooler not participating in a class.

This digital Mission Manual is designed to be used by students in one family enrolled in a class. Homeschooling students not enrolled in a class should purchase the standard Protostar Mission Manual. It requires one teacher with a Protostar Teacher’s Guide. The teacher must also have a Protostar text and a copy of this Mission Manual.

Unlike the standard Protostar Mission Manual, it does not include solutions to missions or unit challenges.

Before purchasing this manual for your family, determine:

Purchase of your own copy of the Protostar text in digital or print and the Protostar Flashcard & Fun Pack for review between classes is recommended.