Protostar Digital Flashcard & Fun Pack


**This is a digital PDF download. No product will be shipped.**

These digital lesson and vocabulary flashcards with vocabulary games are the perfect addition to your Protostar kit. Use them to help your Grammar Guardian master the Protostar level.

The Protostar Flashcard & Fun Pack can help your student master the lessons and vocabulary in Grammar Galaxy Protostar. The materials included in this pack are:

  • Flashcards for each lesson that include an extra activity
  • Flashcards for the vocabulary words in each lesson that include pictures and sample sentences
  • Bingo or a matching game for the vocabulary by unit
  • Slides of both types of flashcard in order by lesson


Why use flashcards and vocabulary games with Protostar?

Using the flashcards and games to aid recall of the language arts concepts taught in Protostar is a good idea. Because Grammar Galaxy is a mastery curriculum, your student needs to have a good understanding of Protostar concepts before moving on to Yellow Star.

Note that the vocabulary in Protostar is advanced. Many of these words will be challenging for high school students! Exposure to the words is what we want more than mastery. If the vocabulary games are too difficult for your student, save them for another time. Reviewing the vocabulary flashcards will be enough to give them a head start on building a rich vocabulary. 

When to use the flashcards and games

Flashcards are perfect for morning time memory work. But if you aren’t reviewing them regularly, have your student review the flashcards and optionally play the vocabulary game prior to taking the challenge for each unit.